KynnysKINO 2011

KynnysKINO Helsinki / Turku 13.-17.04.2011

Ateneum-hall / Finnish National Gallery
Turku Main Library

KynnysKINO film festival is a forum for novel and alternative points of view presenting vast and astonishing scopes of human mind and body.


Disability Film festival Helsinki / Turku 13.-17.04.2011

In 1997, the first KynnysKINO dealt with varying aspects of perfection and imperfection of the image of man. After this, the depths of insanity and passion were featured. The main organiser of the KynnysKINO festival is The Threshold Association (Kynnys ry), whose main aim is to promote the human rights of persons with disabilities, together with the Finnish National Gallery in Helsinki and Turku Main Library.


an International Film Competition

KynnysKINO invites all film and video makers who have personal experience on disability. We also present the invitation to professional filmmakers and students finding partners with disabilities with whom to take part in the competition.